Cut through the noise, sell more stuff.

Are your emails not getting enough attention? Get a 95% open rate by sending texts with Handstack. You can create targeted campaigns, reply to thousands of people at once, and track engagement and conversion rate. Learn what your customers are responding to, then send them better texts.


Send natural looking texts

Say goodbye to spammy 1990's marketing texts. Send texts that come from a local area code of your choice and look like they are from your friends. 


Scale your two-way communication

If you send 100,000 texts and get 30,000 replies back, then how do you reply to them without having a big call center? Well, we got your back. Group your replies by keywords and reply to tens of thousands of texts all at once. You only need one person to manage real conversations with thousands of people.


Grow your business with advanced analytics

Make every text better by using advanced analytics feature from Handstack. Monitor when your audience is most receptive to your texts and who the most engaged people are. Inform your text content with reply and conversion data.


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